Tuesday, February 4, 2014

SDSU or Bust! (A can't miss ministry update!)

Our last years have been full of change and excitement. We continually tell our kids that we have been on a grand adventure these last two years, following God’s voice and telling people about Jesus.

            If you have not been keeping up to date with our newsletters via email, Facebook or our blog (www.bkchialpha.com), let us give you a quick update. February 2012 (almost 2 years) ago now, we felt the call to campus ministry on secular college campuses. In July 2012, we left our position as youth/worship pastors in Santa Cruz and moved to San Diego to raise an initial budget for a year of training with Chi Alpha Campus Ministries at Stanford University. Our goal for this training was to eventually pioneer a new Chi Alpha at a campus still in need of one (Stanford is one of 307 Chi Alpha’s in the United States).

            Six months later, in January 2013, we finished raising $3000/month ($2200 in monthly pledges and enough one time gifts to get us through the one year of training) and moved to San Jose and began ministry at Stanford. The last year has been full of fruitful ministry from discipling a number of young men one-on-one to mentoring our worship leaders, administrating our worship teams, and running events. Our ministry team has seen people come to Christ, get water baptized, recommit their lives to Jesus, new leaders raised up, and our group grow by over 20 people. Most of all, Kendra and I begun to learn the ins and outs of campus ministry and taken a number of steps toward pioneering our own campus ministry. (Check out specific stories on our blog!)

            With this context, we are very excited to announce: WE HAVE ACCEPTED GOD’S CALL TO PIONEER A NEW MINISTRY AT SAN DIEGO STATE UNIVERSITY!!!
            There have been so many amazing ways in which God has confirmed this call. 1. God opened up SDSU for us at the exact time we felt called to Chi Alpha. 2. God spoke through a number of Chi Alpha leaders which caused us to pray about SDSU when it was not even an option. 3. God gave us a specific word and a number of confirmations of that word including a burning desire in our hearts to pray for and minister there. 4. We have received the blessing of Chi Alpha and the Assemblies of God on the local and national levels.

            Kendra and I have a team of seven to nine people poised to join us in pioneering a new Chi Alpha ministry at San Diego State University. We will be ministering to 35,000 students who will help set the culture of San Diego and California for the years to come. With such a large team from the outset, we know we will see a great harvest early on at SDSU. In fact, God has given us Psalm 85, which implores God, “will you not revive us again…and grant us your salvation?” Then God promises to answer with peace, salvation, a great harvest and to prepare the steps of the righteous! We believe God is has been preparing our steps our whole lives for the most effective and fruitful season of ministry.

            What does this mean for our immediate future? 1. We will remain at Stanford in an increasingly limited capacity until June, 2014 when the kids finish school. 2. We will begin raising ministry funds part-time now and full-time beginning in March. 3. We will move to San Diego at the end of June and continue raising operating funds. Finally, we will continue raising funds from San Diego until we raise our full ministry budget ($5500/month). At that time we will be released to begin ministry on the SDSU campus. We are believing to finish this process and begin ministry with a team of 7 others in time for the first day of classes August 25. This is an ambitious goal, but we are believing God for financial miracles that he has proven faithful to do already these last two years.

            Please pray with us toward this next fall and toward partnering financially on a monthly basis with the awesome things God has in store for San Diego State University in the future. 

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