Thursday, May 1, 2014

Training and Transitions

     We are so excited about this next season of life. We believe we are in the center of God’s will and God is going to do awesome things through our family and our ministry at San Diego State. This new season has been full of logistical, relational, and spiritual preparations for what God has for this future.
     In February, I finished my final coursework at Regent University for my PhD program. It is amazing how well God’s timing works that I finished this coursework at the same time we will be kicking into full gear to prepare for San Diego State. I don’t know how I would have been able to do both, but no worries, God has had a plan all along. While there, I was able to present some of my research on pneumatology (theology of the Holy Spirit) in Latin America at a conference and had a great response to my work. It was such a great response that I got an offer to publish it as a chapter in a book that will come out next Spring. I also have an article coming out in an academic journal either this Fall or next Spring. It is exciting to see God blessing my research even more as I surrender my time and plans to him and focus so much on Chi Alpha. I even go to help a Master’s student discern if God was calling him to PhD work and pray for him. Ministry happens everywhere! Know that even if you have another job, if God is calling you to some ministry (volunteer, part-time or otherwise) he will multiply your time and your effectiveness as you are faithful to him.
Just this week (March 10-11) I participated in a pioneering boot camp with three others who are planning on pioneering Chi Alphas on various campuses next year. It was an amazing time of learning, praying, strategizing, and dream. We talked about the three things that make are needed to pioneer a healthy campus ministry: knowing your campus, knowing yourself, and strategizing as to how the two fit together. While there, I was able to connect with and minister to a new friend named Steve who is a little further back in the pioneering process than Kendra and I. It was awesome to be able to pray with and encourage one another and to have my heart excited for the amazing possibilities that exist at San Diego State. Not to mention it was amazing to meet and learn from some awesome Chi Alpha veterans.
     Today, Thursday, I leave for Springfield, MO where I will be inundated with a week policy, philosophy, and strategy from the national U.S. Missions team. All of this will help us to be more effective fundraisers, better stewards of the funds that God brings us, better pastors of our ministry partners, and better campus directors as we look toward pioneering. I am looking forward to what God will do in my heart to encourage and strengthen my faith in God’s grandiose plan and provision. God is faithful!


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