Thursday, November 13, 2014

People Are Looking For Something Real

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Kertson November Newsletter

People Are Looking For Something Real
A Ministry Update from the Kertsons

People are searching for something real. Just this last week, a young woman from San Diego State contacted me via Facebook. She is a freshman who grew up in a strong church environment and knew that when she came to SDSU she wanted to find a strong spiritual community to be a part of on campus that believes that the power and voice of God are still alive and working through the church today. She has been attending a local church with her sister, but has a strong desire to make a difference in the place God has put her in this season of life and recognizes that a campus ministry can help her grow in this area and many others.

This is the note she wrote me,

I am a freshmen at sdsu and tonight I was praying (and crying haha) to God that he would lead me to the right campus ministry and somehow I came to you guys with Chi Alpha. I was feeling really discouraged because over the past two months I have been attending a bunch of Christian groups on campus but I really haven't found the right one yet and I even think one of the groups I went to might be a cult...... awkward. I am just looking for a place to fellowship with other Christians with the same beliefs and convictions (and spirit empowered lives) as me. I know you are still raising support( I will definitely be praying for provisions for you in that area) but I was wondering if there are anyways I can get involved now before it is officially launched and if there is any way I can help serve you two? Thank you so much for having a heart for my campus, I pray that God blesses both you two, your family and this new ministry!”

I get the question often, “How many other campus ministries are there on campus?” Sometimes it is curiosity, sometimes I wonder if it is to see if we are really needed or not. If a Christian girl like this hasn’t felt like she has really fit into any of the Christian groups on  campus yet, how much more likely is it that a non-Christian would feel the same way. I am a firm believer that there is a need for diverse witnesses to Christ within any community or college campus. Only together do we make up the whole picture of who God is. If there were only one campus ministry it would be a monotonous voice in the midst of the creative and diverse world God has made. When we can be these diverse voices and styles in unity with one another, then we’ve really hit the sweet spot.

In my mind, we cannot have enough campus ministries at San Diego State. Right now, the campus ministries combined reach 10-15% of student population, which leaves almost 30,000 students not in a ministry. This is too many, especially in light of our new friend’s comment about walking into a cult. After talking to her, I realized had heard of this group before. They tried to tell her that everything  she had experienced of God was invalid and didn’t count because she was not baptized in their church with the understanding that baptism brings salvation. Our new friend left feeling hurt and confused. They tried to rip her faith out from underneath her. Praise God, the Holy Spirit within her rose up and spoke truth to her that night and praise God she found us. Here story has helped to reignite within me the need for what we are moving toward at San Diego State University.

Who in your life, at your work, at your school is looking for something real?

Check out this video our district made highlighting our ministry to the pastors of our area.
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