Monday, November 23, 2015

Do You Like to Party?

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Kertson November Newsletter

We Like To Party
A Ministry Update from the Kertsons

“We like to party, we like, we like to party!” – Vengaboys

Why? Because God likes to party! God created heaven and earth for us to enjoy. God throws a party when any one person comes home into relationship with him. God is also preparing the greatest party we could ever imagine when heaven comes fully to earth!

So, we party too. This past month we had a country BBQ where we ate amazing food from Phil’s BBQ, had a marshmallow gun fight and square danced the night away. It was an amazing time with some 40 of our closest friends from San Diego State. What amazed me the most was that our party didn’t have alcohol, drugs, dirty dancing, and there was no making out. Still, the five or six non-Christians that came as our guests went away saying this was the best party they’d been to and they couldn’t wait to come back to Chi Alpha. Why? Because we were the welcoming arms of God for them, welcoming them home to a party we had thrown just for them! What more spiritual thing could we be doing (Luke 15:22ff)?! I heard specific comments from a number of new students that they had never felt so welcomed and a part of a community so quickly. Two of those girls, specifically come to mind because they did not come into the night really knowing about Jesus and have been to both our large group gatherings and small groups since and have begun to follow Jesus.

One girl in particular, Alex, came not because a friend invited her, but because she saw our table the week before out on the main walkway of campus. I told her what we were doing and invited her to the BBQ. She asked what the catch was and I just simply told her, “We want to know more people on our campus.” She said she did too and she’d be there. She rode with a car full of girls to the BBQ that night, I got the privilege of being her square dance partner, and we had a blast. She came to Chi Alpha that next Monday night and then Kendra got to meet with her during the week. It turns out Alex’s brother had died in the last month and even though she didn’t really believe in God, she found herself angry at God. Interestingly, that anger led her to wonder about who God really was. I guess if you’re angry at God, you might as well know who you’re angry at! So when she saw our table, she decided she’d check us out and find out who God really is. She’s still early in her journey, but she’s made a specific commitment to beginning to follow Jesus and make him the center of her life.

It started with a party and it ended with a party. It wasn’t the first and it won’t be the last. It’s what we do.

Keeping Up With the Kertsons
  • Kendra and I just celebrated our 12 year anniversary in San Clemente. It was a great weekend  to work on us, our marriage, and planning our next year of growth toward Jesus and each other.
  • Peyton and Amber both made the honor roll in the first trimester of school. They’ve been working really hard and Peyton also got the academic achievement award for third graders.
  • We got a cat! Her name is Pippa. She’s a good play friend for the girls, but she’s also on rat catcher duty. She and the dog are still getting used to each other.
Prayer/Partnership Points
  • We have a number of staff days coming up this next month that will be huge in keeping the amazing staff chemistry we’ve been building and looking toward what God has in our next semester of ministry. Pray for amazing ideas and clear vision.
  • Pray that those who have been coming to faith in Christ to continue in greater discipleship.
  • We have a number of events and funding requests for next semester going through university bureaucracy right now. Pray for favor.
  • Last month we asked if anyone had extra surfboards and instead we got money donated specifically to buy some! Thanks so much for your prayers and generosity!
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